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Sienna Miller provides style inspiration

Sienna Miller is probably "quite scared" that her friend Poppy Delevigne lusts after her looks.

The pair are now pals, but before they struck up a friendship Poppy admired stunning Sienna from afar.

The actress is famed for her effortlessly gorgeous aesthetic - something which Poppy is still in awe of to this day.

"I remember when Sienna Miller's first Vogue cover came out, just after she was in Alfie and before I knew her. She looked so dreamy in white and she had feathers in her hair and that whole boho thing going on," Poppy told

"She was totally my heroine at the time, I just wanted to emulate her. And now of course we're friends and I'm always telling her how I wanted to be just like her - she probably finds it quite scary."

Poppy also spoke about her younger sister and fellow model Cara. The blonde star says her sibling was destined to end up in front of the camera.

"Cara was just the sweetest little thing, growing up. She had this gorgeous little face you just wanted to squidge, she was just so adorable," she gushed. "She was one of those people that from the day she was born, you just knew she was going to be beautiful. The pictures of her as a child are brilliant."


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