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Simpsons slips into sexier style

Jessica Simpson has discovered sexy slip dresses since getting married and having children.

The stunning star married Eric Johnson, the father of her children Maxwell and Ace, in July. Her weight fluctuated throughout the pregnancies, but she is currently rocking a very svelte physique. Despite the ups and downs of dieting, giving birth to her brood has actually helped the 34-year-old feel comfortable in her own skin.

"It actually has changed my style. I'm very into slip dresses and everything's a little bit sexier," she smiled to Access Hollywood. "I feel sexier as a wife and a mom!"

Just like fellow mom Kim Kardashian, Jessica received some criticism when she put on weight. But luckily she managed to rise above the nasty comments.

"It was just my life at that time and where I wanted to be. If I'm gonna be scrutinised for it, I'm gonna take it. I'm not gonna let that define who I am," she shrugged. "And I think women understand me because of that, because I've risen above that.

"After having two kids, my focus is on being my better me, the best version of me. And a lot of that has to do with squats and lunges, walking, diaper changing, and eating a hot dog every now and then."

Adding to her CV, which already includes acting and singing, Jessica is now gearing up to release a new signature scent, which she promises to be sexy.

And while she might be looking better than ever, she's not putting any pressure on herself.

"The moment I tell myself that I'm on a diet, I'm like, destined to fail. Like, I am not going to stick to it," she laughed. "Two days later I'm gonna be like, 'Oh my gosh! I need to eat that bagel!' I think it's more about just making it a lifestyle."

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