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SJP excited by fall collection

Sarah Jessica Parker thinks her first designer bag was a gift from an ex-boyfriend.

The 49-year-old actress has put her fashion knowledge into action by designing a range of bags and shoes for Nordstrom, which she debuted earlier this year. She is about to launch her new offering in time for fall, and looks forward to her creations being treasured.

"I truthfully don't remember my first designer bag! I believe it was given to me as a gift by an old boyfriend," she answered when asked about her own personal collection of accessories. "Since then, I've been lucky enough to carry many special and beautiful bags. The idea of a woman having her own special bag moment with one of our handbags is a delightful thought."

Bags will be priced between $220 and $495, and a variety of styles will be available to purchase. Jessica was keen to tend to women's needs when designing them as she knows they needed to be useful.

"I wanted our bags to be beautiful but also, and perhaps most importantly, practical, with the ability to carry all of the odds and ends that one might need," she added.

Alongside the bags, her shoes have proved popular and the Sex and the City actress has taken inspiration from her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw for this line. A T-strap shoe called The Carrie will be released, along with other looks, such as closed-toe pumps called Mary Jane.

Jessica has also paid homage to the show's costume designer Patricia Field, naming a creation the Pat Boot.

"Without her contributions, Carrie Bradshaw would have been incomplete," the actress explained.

Shoes will be priced between $485 and $695, and the new range is set to launch next month.

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