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SJP: I'd wear all my designs

Sarah Jessica Parker likes to hear the bad news as well as the good when it comes to her shoe line.

The US actress cemented her style icon status after playing New York fashionista Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, which wrapped in 2004 after six seasons.

Her bold wardrobe choices became an instant hit with fans and Sarah looks just as stylish ten years on. Her flair for fashion has lead to a footwear and handbag collaboration with retailer Nordstrom, which debuted in February.

"I wanted to produce a shoe that I authentically wanted to wear.

"I like to meet with our buyers constantly and be part of every single phone call to hear the good news and the bad news,” Sarah smiled to WWD about the design process.

Sarah works closely with business partner George Malkemus, who praised the 49-year-old actress for her authenticity and passion.

As well as being involved with the sales and marketing side of things, Sarah oversees the social media activity and regularly makes in-store appearances at Nordstrom.

"It hasn’t come naturally to me, but it’s important to tell our story in a personal way,” Sarah admitted of her social media habits. “[It’s] as much a part of the business as the other things. We don’t have marketing dollars and PR money, so it’s the way we have to work.”

Since starting the project, Sarah has constantly been learning new things about business. Her aim has always been to make elegant, colourful styles, with prices ranging from $195 to $695 for shoes and $195 to $495 for handbags.

“The more we branch out to different retailers, the clearer it becomes how complicated this business is. Each buyer is different, and each has a [unique] point of view. Just because we make 60-odd samples doesn’t mean they want the ones we want. You have to become very good at convincing them that your reasons can eclipse their hesitations," she smiled.

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