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SJP: My shoes are inappropriate

Sarah Jessica Parker's footwear was inspired by the "late '70s".

The 48-year-old actress has teamed up with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus to launch a shoe line called SJP. She had worked with George during her time playing fashionista Carrie Bradshaw in TV show Sex and the City.

Designs in the collection include brown ankle boots which lace up at the front, along with red strappy heels.

Sarah was keen to cater to a certain type of wearer when coming up with ideas.

"We wanted to revisit the single sole - where did it go? We found, much to our delight, that our reference points are the same, and we had an idea of this particular woman in our head. She wears colour as a neutral and doesn’t think black totally is necessary," she explained to

"'Appropriate' footwear was not something that we were interested in. And we thought of all those great shoemakers from the late '70s, all those wonderful shoe stores... that’s how it all began. George found us a great shoemaker in Tuscany."

While the collection is now complete, George admits the design process wasn't as easy as he'd hoped. However he credits Sarah for staying true to her own personal taste.

"To make shoes at the price she wanted was challenging. It’s so lovely to have a partner who cares about every little thing that we do. Ten million women watched Sex and the City," George explained.

"You hear people say, 'God, I love Carrie! That’s me!' And I’m like, 'You live in Iowa. How is that you?' And she says, 'You know what? It is me in some way.' That’s the woman Sarah Jessica wants to make shoes for."

Sarah introduced the SJP footwear last September in New York City.

Speaking at the time she described the shoes as "simple" and explained her decision to use shades such as dove grey and French navy.

“I think colour can be a neutral,” she said. “People always have to ask their friends and husbands, ‘Is this navy or black?’ I want it to be clear.”

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