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SJP talks ‘inherited jeans’

Sarah Jessica Parker decided to collaborate with Jordache due to their long and colourful history together.

The 50-year-old former Sex and the City actress has become a style icon over her years in the public eye.

But her initial foray into the world of denim came from family heirlooms.

“My first jeans were a pair that I inherited from my sister,” she told People magazine. “Back in the day, when someone outgrew jeans in terms of length, my mum would just add a piece of tapestry tape to it and it would make it longer. So I got those, those were hand me downs.

“And then when I was around 12, we moved to New York. It was a cold winter, I know my mum said I could buy a pair of jeans; or rather she was going to buy me a pair of jeans. But I don’t think they were a designer jean — I don’t think she thought I was ready for that, I think it was probably a pretty standard fare. Not Healthtex necessarily, but I think one step above because I was really, really little and really, really skinny and I never fit into anything. So I don’t know what that jean was but I remember the experience [shopping for them].”

Sarah is the face of the new Jordache jeans collection, a company she worked with in the past on her first fragrance campaign.

The star loves being able to collaborate with the “iconic” brand, especially because she thinks denim is a gift from the fashion gods.

“I mean jeans would most assuredly be a part of it, and I’m surprised because I think of everybody else as a jeans person, but the truth is I probably wear them more than any of my friends,” Sarah said when asked what she would wear if the she had only one outfit to choose from for the rest of her life. “Jeans, it’s hard to deny how they’re so accommodating. They’re so many things to so many people, I feel like they’re the gift that keeps on giving.”

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