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Sky Ferreira talks handbag essentials

Sky Ferreira has revealed the contents of her make-up bag.

The 22-year-old star loves switching up her style and has dyed her locks everything from bright blonde to pink and blue.

Her amazing mane has even landed her to job as ambassador for Redken. It makes sense that the young musician likes to keep her tresses tamed on the go, too.

"[In my handbag], make-up-wise, I only really carry around red lipstick and black eyeliner - I'm very good at eyeliner," she revealed to German magazine Jolie.

"For my hair, I always have a cream sculpting paste, so I can quickly try out different looks. I also carry make-up wipes in my bag. I make sure they're ones without alcohol, so that my skin doesn't dry out."

Sky is known for her classic red lip and eyeliner look, which she learned from her mum. The most important beauty lesson for the star is always to concentrate either on the eyes or lips when she's putting her make-up on.

And it's not just beauty she enjoys - the singer also likes to keep toned by exercising regularly.

"I go to the gym and do Pilates as often as I can," she said. "It's fun and I'm happy when I can make time for it. If I'm in LA, I also like to go swimming.

"I also try to eat well. The thing is, the only thing I can operate in my kitchen is the blender - so I will quite often make fresh smoothies."

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