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Sky Ferreira: Why I dress like a guy

Sky Ferreira wore thrift-store finds when everyone else was obsessed with "synthetic fabric and tube tops" growing up.

The 22-year-old singer is the face of Redken styling and was selected to front a campaign for Saint Laurent Paris by the label's designer Hedi Slimane. Part of the reason for her success in the industry is her unique look, which came about thanks to Sky's upbringing.

"I grew up in LA where there are flea markets on every corner. My grandmother - who brought me up - would buy my clothes from there, and the rest were hand-me-downs from my brother. I think that's why I still like wearing men's clothes now," she told British magazine InStyle.

"Back then, wearing thrift-store fashion wasn't cool. This was in the early noughties when it was all about synthetic fabric, tube tops and being girly. That was never my thing anyway, but it did make what I wore look even more random."

Sky has stuck with an eclectic style ever since and enjoys finding pieces she knows others won't have. She pairs high-priced pieces with items from Topshop and American Apparel and enjoys sifting through the rails in one-of-a-kind stores.

"I like shopping on tour. I've found some of the best vintage in the obscure places I've travelled through. Recently I came across this amazing little store in the desert," she explained.

Sky describes her style as grungy and doesn't get any help when it comes to selecting her look. She doesn't use a stylist and always puts her overall appearance above being comfortable.

"I decide what I wear on stage; I don't have someone styling me. Sometimes being uncomfortable - like wearing high heels - makes you feel good when you're performing," she claimed.

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