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Snooki: I want to design with Jessica Simpson

A clothing collaboration between Snooki and Jessica Simpson could be a real possibility.

Both stars have moved from reality TV into fashion, with Snooki creating line Snooki Love and singer Jessica recently celebrating ten years at her label.

While the Jersey Shore star has just announced she'll be releasing a more "elegant" offering, Lovanna, at the end of this year, she doesn't think much of high-end designers. If she had the chance to collaborate with anyone, the likes of Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld would leave her cold.

“I’m not really into big designers because I don’t like spending a lot of money and sh*t. Like I’m cheap. So I love the fact that I can have an affordable line for everybody because Lovanna, I did say was a higher price, but I mean the price range is from $49 to $99. It’s affordable," she explained to

"I’ve always shopped at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and I still do to this day. So the fact that I can have kind of the same concept and same kind of taste is really, really awesome. So if I had to collaborate with one designer, it would probably be Jessica Simpson because she’s kind of on the same level of being affordable, not too crazy and she basically designs everything. I definitely look up to her when it comes to trying to design and fit everybody’s body type."

For now, it looks like Jessica is tied up with her own range, as she recently announced she's launching activewear line Jessica Simpson: The Warm Up with Macy's.

And Snooki is busy herself, with Lovanna due to launch this December. So what can fans expect from her new collection?

“[Lovanna] is more elegant and contemporary and a little higher in price, but it’s definitely more classier pieces because I want it to be more chic and classy, classier than the Snooki Love because Snooki Love, sometimes they’re graphic tees, and you know, just fun clothes and stuff, but I wanted this to be a little more like, not like, classy classy, but a little bit more dressed up," she explained.

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