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Snoop Dogg: Real men get manicures

Snoop Dogg believes that real men get manicures because style is about being "spooned and groomed".

The hip-hop star - who has recently rebranded himself as Snoop Lion - has spoken about his beauty routines and love of fashion to tie in with the ongoing New York Fashion Week.

Snoop understands some men think style is the preserve of women, but he hopes to prove them wrong.

"Even when I’m getting my nails done, that’s real player. The average guy can’t see himself getting a French-tip manicure, but I’m not the average guy," he told Vice magazine.

"It’s about being spooned and groomed, dipped and whipped, suited and booted, gooted and looted, scuttered and buttered."

Fur has hit the headlines during the recent series of shows, after Dennis Basso cranked up security at his 30th anniversary celebration because he'd used so many hides.

It's not a concern of Snoop's, who was happy to don a purple fur coat for his accompanying photoshoot with Terry Richardson.

"That’s out of the pimp files," he replied, when asked where it came from. "I’ve got so many different animal furs: beavers, chinchillas, lambs, horses... Yeah, I got horses, too. I got everything, man. Everything. You understand?"

The star is a proud Rastafarian now, which means his style has changed a bit. He refused to reveal where he now buys his outfits, explaining he doesn't want his look to be copied by people on the street.

The star was more than happy to open up about his changing hair looks though, claiming he has always been ahead of the game when it comes to tresses. At the moment he is sporting short dreadlocks.

"Even when I wore it in pigtails, or permed my hair like Shirley Temple, whatever it was, it was always something that was on the edge," he insisted. "It was like, 'Wow, it looks nice.' But it was always different, so even now that I’m locking up, this is me being me. My hair has always told the story, and this is my journey at the moment."

Snoop always discussed his legendary 'pimp' style, which saw him dress in bright jackets, large hats and shiny shirts during the beginning of his career.

It's a look which he still has a lot of time for, explaining the most important thing is to ensure everything matches. He would pick colours and wear them, ask his partner to wear them and decorate his house and car in them. It's something he learnt from his elders.

"It was about flair, glamour, glitz, and all of that comes out of the era I grew up in. I was infatuated after seeing it from afar. Most of my uncles dibbled and dabbled in pimping, and my wife’s father was one of the biggest pimps around," he said. "It was fascinating for me to see that look and say that I was in that world and to wear that fashion for the eyes of the world. It was a beautiful feeling because I know what that fashion means; it’s a real fashion statement."

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