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Sofía Vergara: Tresses are staying down

Actress Sofía Vergara has shared her outlook on beauty ahead of her wedding.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Modern Family's Sofía Vergara thinks women should wear their hair down between the ages of 40 and 60.

The 43-year-old star favours long flowing locks and with enviable glossy tresses, she pulls the style off perfectly. With her wedding to hunky actor Joe Manganiello getting closer and closer, Sofía has decided to stick to what she knows on her big day.

"Down!" she revealed to People magazine when asked how she'll be wearing her hair. "I think women, once they hit 40, they shouldn't put their hair up again until they're 60."

She's previously insisted she isn't going to go for a natural look when it comes to make-up, as she isn't a fan of the "virgin" appearance.

Sofía isn't averse to trying out new beauty treatments and is sure to be booking some in ahead of her nuptials. However, after having a whole body wrap once, the brunette beauty insists it's not something she'll be taking part in again.

As well as looking fabulous to walk down the aisle, Sofía will smell sensational. She's created a perfume called Love, featuring scents of apple alongside more "exotic" notes. Joe approves of the fragrance, as she does of his choice of scent.

"He always wears John Varvatos, and I love it too," she smiled. "I like very sexy, musky smells. For a long time I used to wear men's cologne."

The publication also hit her with a quick-fire round of questions during the interview. Sofía admitted she couldn't choose between hair and make-up as she needs both to be top notch to feel confident, but she was quick to pick sweet over salty. This may be because Sofía opts for exercise over dieting, allowing her to tuck into her favourite foods.

"I do classes with a Megaformer," she explained. "It's like advanced Pilates. I have (a machine) in my house."

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