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Sofia Boutella: ‘Sleep is essential to look good’

Sofia Boutella adds oxygen drops to her water on planes to stave off tiredness.

Star Trek actress Sofia Boutella’s best beauty tip is sleep, and lots of it.

The Algerian beauty will soon be a household name thanks to her role in Star Trek Beyond, starring opposite Idris Elba, Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana. She has also bagged a part in the rebooted The Mummy franchise, alongside Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.

Her new found star status means the 34-year-old has a packed schedule, which has left little time for beauty sleep.

“Sleep is the best beauty tip ever, which I need massively right now,” she laughed to American Vogue. “Sleeping and water are lifesavers - that’s true beauty right there.”

Sofia is also a fan of adding oxygen drops to her drinks to stave off tiredness.

“I think if your body’s deprived of oxygen from the plane, you keep yawning,” she explained. “I add the (Cellfood oxygen) drops to my water, and it helps.”

Oxygen can also be found in her skincare, with Sofia favouring products from Elemis, La Roche-Posay, and Avene, as well as Intraceuticals oxygen treatments, which she praises for keeping her skin glowing.

Another must-have for the Paris-raised star is a peppermint-based antiseptic called Ricqles, which she describes as “very, very old school”.

“It’s minty and there’s a bit of alcohol in it, so you can disinfect with it or use it as a mouth freshener,” she said.

In Star Trek Beyond Sofia plays Jaylah, a humanoid alien. The role required her to spend four hours every day in hair and make-up, having white paint on her face with black lines zigzagging down.

“I loved the sci-fi aspect of it,” she smiled of the movie. “Ships and hydraulics and seeing aliens all day long. That sort of thing.”

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