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Sofia Coppola amused by handbag honour

Sofia Coppola isn't fazed that Marc Jacobs named his Sofia handbag after her.

The 42-year-old director is a regular on front rows at Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Marc Jacobs - who even named his Sofia bag after her.

In 2004 Sofia received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation, which she says is her greatest achievement.

"That’s funny, yeah, I thought the bag was nice but it didn’t make as big an impact on my life. The Oscar helped me with my career, my work," she told Stylist magazine.

Sofia explores the style of Hollywood's rich and famous in her latest movie The Bling Ring. Karl Lagerfeld first introduced her to fashion, when she interned for Chanel as a teenager.

"I did! I was 15 or 16 and a friend of my parents worked there and they take a few girls every summer to do an internship. It was so exciting to go to Paris in the Eighties at the height of Chanel. I was in the design studio so I got to see Karl Lagerfeld doing haute couture sketches for the final shows," she explained. "It was incredible – he is so creative. I was getting coffee and doing intern stuff but just to be around him was amazing. I meet him [Karl] every once in a while and he’s always really sweet and remembers me."

Sofia's links with the industry stretch to developing her own fashion label in her twenties. The understated star shrugs this off as being insignificant in her career history.

"In my early 20s I had a simple little T-shirt company, it was fun," she recalled. "My friends were doing X-Girl [Nineties fashion label] and I was like, 'I want to have a company too'. So it came out of that culture. It wasn’t high fashion."

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