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Sofia Coppola: Black soap is chic

Filmmaker Sofia Coppola has recalled her biggest beauty blunders and favourite products.

Director-and-actress Sofia Coppola thought buying black soap was the most glamorous thing ever when she was a teenager.

The 44-year-old star is popular in both the movie and fashion industries, helming films such as The Bling Ring alongside an ongoing collaboration with Marc Jacobs on his fragrances. She's always had a passion for beauty and can still remember her first big purchase as a teenager.

"The Erno Laszlo counter at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, and buying their black soap," she grinned to W magazine. "I was probably around 13, I thought it was glamorous. I remember the marbleised case the soap came in."

Sofia currently rocks shabby-chic brown tresses, often chopped into a long bob and kept simple in the spotlight. But she has had her fair share of beauty blunders, admitting over-tweezed eyebrows and red hair are among her biggest faux pas.

"In the early ‘90s, when I was around 20, I lost my brows on a Steven Meisel shoot (I think)," she laughed.

Luckily now she's found products she can rely on to create the perfect facade, such as Joelle Ciocco toner and Eminence lip balm. She also knows what beauty looks to avoid, listing "super glossy lips, unnaturally long lashes, and contouring" as her peeves.

Some of her must-haves of the moment include Anne Marie Borlind Orange Blossom Energizer Face Oil and Tom Ford Illuminating Face Primer, which lands her lots of compliments. She still longs for make-up of the past though.

"Fresh concealer and my favourite discontinued lipstick, L’Oréal Caresse 707," she sighed. "Can you talk them into making (it) again?"

Over the years Sofia has also taken her filmmaking skills with her to the world of beauty. She previously led a campaign for Miss Dior, starring Natalie Portman, and after director Anton Corbijn took over, the actress commented on their different styles.

"Sofia brings chic to a project like that," Natalie told the German edition of Glamour magazine. "She just creates this incredible aesthetic. Anton is very different; he's nimble and playful and physically enacts every scene."

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