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Sofia Coppola recalls Marc Jacobs meeting

Sofia Coppola first met Marc Jacobs after asking her mother to take her to him because she liked his clothes.

The Hollywood star has been friends with the fashion designer for around 20 years. She is the muse for his Louis Vuitton Cruise line and is always present at his fashion shows.

The director has revealed how they were first introduced.

"I was about 17 or 18. It was just before the grunge collection, when he was working at Perry Ellis. I'd seen pictures of his clothes and I asked my mum to take me to meet him and then we became friends after that," she told the November edition of UK magazine Elle.

Sofia's father is legendary director Francis Ford Coppola and her mother is set-decorator-and-artist Eleanor Coppola. Eleanor was never that interested in style, but would do anything to make her daughter happy.

"She wasn't into fashion as such, she just took me to meet Marc after I had seen the pictures," she explained.

"My parents were very open - they wanted me to have the opportunity to see things that I wanted to see. She wasn't into fashion, but she loves contemporary art - she has a strong aesthetic."

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