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Sofia Vergara craves diet soda

Sofia Vergara has joked that "all that matters" in her diet is getting a fizzy drink fix.

The Modern Family actress is preparing to debut her new Diet Pepsi TV advert.

Sofia confesses that her passion for the soft drink extends into real life.

"All that matters is that I get my Diet Pepsi. I go after my food and my drink, that's for sure," Sofia joked to USA Today.

This month Sofia has exchanged chasing after soft drinks for scouting the perfect dress for the Golden Globes Awards.

The brunette beauty feels prepared ahead of the glitzy Hollywood event.

"We had a big meeting. I tried on a lot of things," she explained.

"I have two favourites. I get them ready, and that day, it depends on what everybody says and how I feel."

Sofia lives by a strict code ethics when choosing dresses for the red carpet. The stunning star prefers to step out of her comfort zone when preparing for glitzy industry events.

"I stay away from black," she declared. "It's so easy to dress in black in regular life that I always think for a special event it's good to pick colour. I'll definitely be colourful on Sunday."

Sofia's advert will air during the Golden Globes Award show broadcast on Sunday January 15.

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