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Sofia Vergara: I look like a transvestite

Sofia Vergara loves looking like a transsexual.

The Modern Family actress is famed for her voluptuous assets, but she insists that her exaggerated features can often cause confusion.

The 39-year-old Colombian star has admitted that she loves the ambiguity behind her beauty.

"I look like a transsexual anyway. I'm a woman, but I'm super-exaggerated with my boobs, my ass, my makeup and my accent," Sofia revealed to The Advocate.

"When I get ready for an event, I always look at myself in the mirror and say, 'I look like a transvestite!' I love it."

Sofia also loves her legions of gay fans. The brunette beauty claims that they all want to be like her beloved TV character Gloria.

Sofia thinks she appeals to her male fans because she's "voluptuous and a little over the top."

"Gay men always tell me how fabulous I am. I think they want to be Gloria," she revealed. "All my fans must be very respectful, because I've never had a guy or a girl come up and grab my ass."

Sofia also confesses to having a bit of a girl crush on a fellow Hollywood star. The actress thinks Halle Berry has an undeniable beauty.

"I have many, but I love Halle Berry. She's perfection. Every time I see her, I want to give her a standing ovation because she's so flawless," she gushed.

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