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Solange in awe of Halle Berry's beauty

Solange Knowles has plans to seriously overhaul her skincare routine.

Both stars always look immaculate on the red carpet, but Halle is something of a beauty icon for Beyoncé's younger sister. Especially her dedication to looking after her complexion is something Solange would love to emulate.

"To be honest, I could be better at looking after my skin..." she admitted to German magazine Jolie. "I once read that Halle Berry has cleansed her skin religiously every evening since she was 16. Since then I feel pretty guilty! But one thing's certain: when I'm happy, it shows on my skin."

Solange, 29, juggles a career in music with looking after her ten-year-old son Daniel. However, she always makes time for a bit of pampering and has her beauty look down.

"The other day I used lipbalm on my eyelids - it gave a cool, glossy effect," she said. "I used to place emphasis on my lips, but these days I love letting my eyes take centre stage."

She's also managed to score some tips from the many make-up artists she meets, revealing that she's learnt you only need a good complexion, lipbalm and eyelash curlers to look fab.

Solange's perfect appearance has landed her the role of brand ambassador for Kiehl's, with the star revealing she very much agrees with the brand's philosophy. So how would she define beauty?

"The the essence of everything a person is a mix of spirit, grace, but also the imperfections, weaknesses and magic we all radiate," she revealed.

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