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Solange Knowles drawn to bold clothes

Solange Knowles likes bold patterns and strong structures when it comes to clothes.

The younger sister of superstar singer Beyoncé Knowles is known for her stand-out ensembles on the red carpet and her unique appearance.

The singer-and-trendsetter explained how she crafts her individual look.

"If I want to keep it simple I wear stark white, I'm not into wearing black," she told the UK edition of InStyle.

"I like classic pieces with really interesting structure and pattern like my Acne blazer, which is covered in dollar signs."

Solange's fashion sense was developed at a young age. She's always been decisive about the things she wears and hasn't been influenced by her glamorous older sibling.

"I've had a distinctive style since I was a child," she continued. "Between the ages of three and six I wore my tap shoes with absolutely everything. I didn't borrow my sister Beyoncé's clothes though - she was older than me so they were always too big."

The red carpet doesn't manage to faze the star. Solange is so confident with her own style that it isn't something she thinks too hard about.

"Getting dressed for the red carpet is second nature to me. Before I went on the road I would personally email designers and do all the studio visits myself," she finished. "So many stylists will tell you not to wear certain prints or silhouettes; that's why I prefer to dress myself."

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