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Solange Knowles focusing on diversity in design

Solange Knowles describes her new website Saint Heron as being a space where young creatives can discuss art and music.

Solange Knowles hopes to encourage development of diversity in design.

The Losing You singer has just unveiled her new e-commerce website, named Saint Heron, which features a collection of clothing, ceramics, curios and vinyl as well as a forward-thinking mix of music news and culture coverage.

Solange, the younger sister of music maven Beyonce, divulges that she feels proud that the website is not purely focused on fashion.

“It's more invested in the conversation and cultivation of diversity in design as a whole," she told Billboard magazine, adding that creating a space for a community of young creatives has been the brand’s mission from the start. “In my experience, as a young black artist, you have to fulfil an archetype, or be a token - and I was unwilling to do that."

The 29-year-old added that she hopes to continue “supporting young emerging designers and designers of colour” within Saint Heron’s shop and wants to keep prices ranges varied so that it "isn't like an exclusive club".

Solange, who married music video director Alan Ferguson in 2014, admits that her own eclectic style also informs Saint Heron’s inclusive point of view.

“I try to reach back to when I was a teenager: I loved Kelis, and I loved Tweet, but I also loved Sun Ra, and I also loved Miles Davis... but I also loved Lil Boosie," she said. “I loved politics, I loved art, I loved Bjork - I love so many things, and I think as a young black woman, we don't get the opportunities in mainstream media to express all of those sides of ourselves.”

Solange cites FUBU and No Limit as two brands she would like to emulate with Saint Heron’s online shop and describes the venture as being grounded in R&B culture.

For instance, one designer featured in the online shop, James Flemons, is described by Solange as being inspired by '90s R&B girl groups, with his designs having deconstructed materials and bandanna tops.

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