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Solange Knowles: Morning style is terrible

Solange Knowles believes she looks like a "fart sound" in the morning.

The sister of superstar Beyoncé admits she never looks great when she first gets out of bed. Solange needs time to wake up and ready her seven-year-old son for school before making an effort with her own appearance.

"My morning style, if you could write a fart sound, that's exactly what I look like," she quipped in an interview with "Oh my God, I'm telling you, I look like c**p. It might be because there's a lot of stuff going on that it looks like there's a sense of style.

"My getting dressed doesn't happen until well after I've dropped [son Daniel] off at school. I wake up and grab Union Jack leggings, Adidas sneakers and a sweatshirt. Then, when I get home, I get dressed for the day. I'm not a morning person."

Once the 25-year-old singer is awake to work on her style, she likes to wear bright colours and bold prints. The stylish mother turned heads this week as a DJ at the opening of Ferragamo's recently re-designed Fifth Avenue boutique. She wore bright red pants with a royal purple blazer, black and white splatter printed blouse and pink strappy sandals.

"I think the fabrics have a lot to do with it," she said of making mismatched prints work.

"A lot of times, if I'm matching or clashing prints, I make sure they're the same fabric. I'll do silks or cottons. It's very rare that I'll do silk prints with a cotton shirt. It kind of sculpturally puts it in the same uniform. It's instinctual."


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