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Solange Knowles over pattern

Solange Knowles has opened up about her style evolution, admitting that she grew tired of prints.

The younger sister of Beyoncé is just as well known for her fashion statements as she is her music. As a regular on the front row of Fashion Week shows, Solange's outfits are often a style hit. She's regularly spotted out in bright clothes, favouring block colours, but the star confesses that a change in image is already underway.

"I might be having a little evolution in my style," Solange mused to ASOS magazine. "It's been a lot more subtle. I had a bit of print fatigue, it's been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. But you want to evolve and experiment - that's part of the fun and joy of being a woman."

When she's not travelling the world with her music, Solange feels most at home at her New Orleans base. Favouring the Louisiana city for its vibrant mix of people, the 27-year-old star admits no one even bats an eye when she walks around town clad in a mask.

"There's never a dull moment. You can walk out of your home and experience 12 different things that you've never seen before. And which other city can you walk around with a mask on and it's OK? I'm able to roll around anonymously all the time," she smiled.

Solange was recently joined on stage by Beyoncé at the Coachella music festival, a surprise that delighted fans. The Bad Girls singer admires her older sibling and often uses her work ethic as a source of inspiration.

"I have never seen anything like it in my life, from anyone. It's absolutely insane. Now that she's become a mother, the way that she's able to balance that is so inspiring. If I am ever feeling like I want to open up my mouth and complain about how hard I'm working, I think 'Uhhh! Sit down!'" she confided.

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