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Solange: Son's my stylist

Solange Knowles often lets her son and boyfriend have an input into what she wears.

The American singer has teamed up with online retailer eBay to create a handpicked collection. Joining her are other stars including Pharrell Williams, fashion designer Chris Benz and jewellery designer Eddie Borgo.

When it comes to dressing for everyday occasions and events the 27-year-old star often get overwhelmed so turns to her nine-year-old son Julez and partner for advice.

"I let [Julez] pick my shoes every once in a while - along with my boyfriend," she told website Huffington Post. "If I'm going to an event, picking my shoes is always my problem. I'll put one on one foot and another style on the other and I'll let them vote. They're guys, so naturally they always go for the more boring, basic one."

Solange isn't afraid to experiment with her style. However, she always makes sure to stick to pieces which flatter her curvaceous figure, especially the upper half of her body.

"Although I do wear a lot of prints and colours, I tend to always gravitate towards classic silhouettes - like blazers, nice dress pants and blouses. I'm not as adventurous with silhouettes because I'm actually pretty busty," she admitted.

"But people don't realise it because I hide it really well. I don't hide it, hide it - but I certainly don't wear many outfits that push them up and make them a thing. I feel like my sexiness is expressed in different ways. I like to show leg and I don't believe that more skin equates to sexiness. It's the way you move and your energy. I try to tune into that."

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