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Sophia Bush teams up with beauty brand

Sophia Bush's dream has come true by working with beauty entrepreneur Randi Shinder.

The American actress is already considered a beauty icon with her always-perfect make-up and enviable brunette tresses, which she often shows off at A-list parties and on the red carpet.

And now Sophia is set to put her knowledge into action by working with the fragrance and body brand, which was launched last November by entrepreneur Randi Shinder. It comes after Randi's previous successful ventures into the industry with lines Clean Perfume, Fusion Beauty and Dessert Beauty.

Sophia can't wait to get stuck in.

“Working with Randi is a dream come true,” she told WWD. “Everything with our company is based on new and leading technology, from the scent spheres to the extractions. We want to get to the heart of why women love beauty and what makes them feel special. Marrying those concepts of technology and beauty truly equals greatness.”

I Smell Great boasts scents such as candied flower petals, honey and powdered sugar to give a sweet and feminine feel.

With Sophia's input, new perfumes will be released this year and it is hoped Randi's range will also expand.

Prices of products range from $28 to $68 and they all come in environmentally-friendly biodegradable packaging.

The former One Tree Hill star has always been happy to give beauty titbits, and recently revealed her go-to product for all areas.

"Coconut oil is a great life hack," she told People. "It's so good for your skin. It's the best hair moisturiser. It's a great substitute for shaving cream. Keep a jar in the kitchen to cook with and a jar in the shower for all the other things."

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