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Sophia Bush’s super simple make-up

Sophia Bush does her own make-up “98 per cent of the time”.

The Chicago P.D. actress regularly makes red carpet appearances which involves lots of hair and make-up. But the 32-year-old admits she prefers a much more paired down look when she’s on her own time.

“I do my make-up by myself 98 per cent of the time. Honestly I don’t like to spend that long. I always joke that I have a five-minute face routine,” she told People Magazine. “It’s really fast, I have a couple of things I like and that’s it. I own a ton of make-up and if it’s a red carpet event I can do a full-on look, I think it’s fun. But my day to day is super simple. I just feel comfortable that way.”

Sophia added that her essential item is a tinted moisturiser, but if she wants a little more coverage she will add a drop of foundation to it. Some cream blush, some eyebrow gel and a slick of mascara is all she needs to feel ready to face the world.

But when it comes to a heavier eye look, Sophia refers back to her time in the make-up chair while starring in One Tree Hill.

“I used to work with this amazing makeup artist named Tim on One Tree Hill, and that man can do eyeliner like nobody’s business,” she added. “And from having him do my eyeliner so much, I really learned what it should look like. So now I feel like I have it burned into my memory, and when I need to put eyeliner on I know where it’s supposed to go.”

However there are some looks that Sophia really wishes weren’t etched in her mind.

“Everyone regrets all of the early 2000s,” she laughed. “They were the worst. But at the end of the day it’s really funny to look back and be like, I can’t believe I thought I should wear brown lipstick, or whatever it was. I find that stuff to be hilarious and I appreciate it.”

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