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Spears ‘on starvation diet’

Britney Spears was supposedly mortified when unflattering photos of her belly emerged earlier this month.

The 33-year-old’s physique has been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks following the emergence of unflattering paparazzi photos from her music video shoot with Iggy Azalea surfaced. In addition, a cruel heckler called the singer a “fat b***h” while she performed in Las Vegas on Wednesday April 15.

A source tells America’s Britney has gained “at least 15lbs” since February and it’s claimed she is on a mission to drop the excess pounds as soon as possible.

“[Britney] started a major three-day detox and starvation diet to drop a quick 6lbs as soon as possible,” the insider told the outlet, noting the I’m a Slave 4 U songstress will not quit the intense regimen until all the extra pounds are dropped.

Before committing to the extreme diet, Britney was purportedly fed up with the way she and boyfriend Charlie Ebersol had been eating of late.

The couple supposedly plumped themselves up by binging on unhealthy late-night snacks.

“She admits they have to have clean sheets on the bed every night because they sit there and watch TV eating pizza, chocolate, Cheetos and gummy bears,” the source detailed.

Apparently Britney “hated seeing those pap pics of her with Iggy” so much.

But this alleged dissatisfaction over her “row of spare tummy tires” was said to be the catalyst the star needed to motivate her to get back in shape.

“She was in tears over how much she’d let herself go,” the insider noted. “She’s worried how she’s going to get through the show. She knows she’s the biggest she’s ever been.”

The pop singer’s Las Vegas concert series Britney: Piece of Me, at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, will officially end on September 9.

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