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Spike Lee: Stop matching clothes

Spike Lee thinks the trend for "matchy-match" has gone too far.

The filmmaker is behind projects such as 25th Hour and Oldboy and also directed 1989 drama Do the Right Thing, which US President Barack Obama recently congratulated him on after revealing it was the first movie he watched with now-wife Michelle.

Spike, 57, headed to the Sunshine Cinema in New York this week to discuss his latest collaboration with headwear brand New Era, the Heritage Series. He revealed what fashion and design means to him.

“People these days don’t care what team they’re for, they only care about the color of the hat [they are wearing]; that’s not me,” he sighed to the crowd, before mentioning a monochromatic head-to-toe trend he claims to have introduced in the '90s.

“I started the whole matching of colors. [In retrospect] what did I create? I’m Dr. Frankenstein here with the whole matching thing; I did it on a whim, but I think the matchy-match has gone too far.”

Spike is a big fan of fashion and has always used attire to his advantage when putting a film together.

“I did it all on purpose, whether it was Air Jordans, or a Brooklyn bicycle hat, medallions, those love-hate knuckle rings,” he explained.

New Era started collaborating with Spike in 1996 and the latest installment will be the third and final one. The partnership came about when Spike reached out to the company and asked them to create a red Yankees cap as he needed one to match his jacket.

The new headgear will be available in stores and online from July 24.

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