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Stacy Keibler: Be confident

Stacy Keibler says "self-confidence" is the key to radiating glamour.

The stunning star has accompanied her beau George Clooney to many red carpet events over the last few months. Stacy knows how to appear confident in front of the cameras and believes designer clothes are not the answer.

"[Glamour] is tightly linked to self-confidence. There's no need for an expensive wardrobe or precious jewellery. As long as a woman has self-confidence, she can reflect a glamorous image," the star explained in an interview with Gala France.

Stacy prefers to buy pieces for her wardrobe that will forever stay in style and steers clear of fashion fads. The blonde beauty has also revealed her favourite item in her dressing room.

"I avoid buying new trendy pieces, I'd rather the classics and the basics, those pieces which won't go out of fashion. I love purple, it's a colour that gives a lot of energy," she said.

"I love my pair of Christian Louboutin shoes in black. They are so comfortable and I'm wearing them all the time."

Stacy is a former wrestler and is famed for her statuesque physique. The 32-year-old star has a rigorous training regime to keep her in enviable shape.

"I'm practicing sport five days per week, sometimes even more," she said. "I try to cook well balanced meals.

"I never forget to remove my make-up and wash my face every evening. I never forget to moisturise my skin, when I wake up, and before going to sleep, with creams and oils."

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