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Stacy Keibler reveals detox secrets

Stacy Keibler cut treats out of her diet to slim down.

The actress-and-model is famed for her svelte physique and always looks glamorous next to boyfriend George Clooney on the red carpet.

Rather than spending her spare time in the gym, the blonde beauty opted for an extreme diet detox.

“I actually took some time off from working out just to see how my body reacted to certain foods by eliminating them out of my diet,” she explained to Access Hollywood.

“I did no gluten, no soy, no dairy, I did no sugar... I was eating protein and vegetables.”

Earlier this week, Stacy looked slim and gorgeous in a nude dress at a Clinique party.

The clingy frock showed off her impressive curves, which the 33-year-old says are all down to her healthy diet.

“I felt amazing… I really do believe you are what you eat,” she smiled.

“When I was on it, I actually lost weight and that was without working out. So that was part of the experiment I wanted to do, was to see how my body my reacted.”

Stacy's beau George is known for enjoying a tipple and even has his own brand of tequila.

While the Hollywood star may indulge every now and again, Stacy tries to stay away from alcohol.

“I didn’t have a drink because it has sugar in it,” she revealed, but then adding: “I think I may have had a drink when I went over to Europe.”

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