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Stefani: My life is full of colour

The bold shades in Gwen Stefani's latest L.A.M.B. collection reflect how "full of colour" her life is currently.

The blonde musician helms her own clothing and accessories label L.A.M.B., which she founded in 2003 and debuted on the catwalk the following year. She is set to unveil her Spring/Summer 15 range in the Big Apple later today at the ArtBeam warehouse, and can't wait to put her new designs on display.

“I had said a year ago, 'We are doing Fashion Week. I don’t care what happens.' The reason you even do a line is to wear the clothes, but also to show it. For me, I love the theatre of it," she told WWD.

Her 90-piece offering has been dubbed The New Nomad, and it boasts streamlined and bold pieces such as a white bomber jacket with grey, black and green panels.

It isn't just her surroundings which influence her, her change in lifestyle over the years has also contributed.

“My life is so full of colour and so rich right now, and this reflects that, with hot pink, hot orange and even some aqua,” she said of her latest collection.

“I’m really into pink right now, which is weird because I did pink back in the day with my hair. Each time I’m cocooned, each time I transform into a new chapter, I do pink - when I turned 30, when I got married and now this. Oh, my gosh, it’s true! That was not intentional. I just figured it out right now. I love when stuff lines up like that."

Gwen juggles her music and fashion careers alongside being a mom to sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. Speaking ahead of jetting into the Big Apple for today's event the 44-year-old star admitted she feels a pang of sorrow leaving her kids for work.

“I have all these children who start school the same week. So I’m going to drop them off for their first day, pick them up, take them for frozen yogurt, then go to New York," she added. "They’re old enough to understand now, but I do feel guilty. I’m not going to lie."

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