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Stefani's style spoilt kids

Gwen Stefani is eager for her family to remember how "spoiled" they are when it comes to fashion.

The singer has a flair for fashion design and launched her eponymous L.A.M.B. line in 2004.

She's also a mum to seven-year-old Kingston and Zuma, five, with her husband Gavin Rossdale, and she's currently pregnant with their third child.

Gwen is keen for her kids to know how lucky they are.

"I've been spoiled being in the fashion business. My son will be like, 'Mommy, 20 new pairs of shoes came today. How come?' Because I'm always telling him it's not normal to have 20 pairs of tennis shoes to try on before school. People have like one or two. But at our house..." she laughed to WWD.

Her most recent style project is a collaboration with denim guru Michael Glasser, which has seen them team up on DWP, a line of casual clothing that aims to move away from jeans.

Despite having a wardrobe fit to burst, 44-year-old Gwen is always up for creating something new.

"You have access to all these clothes from all your lines. It's like my dream, and a lot of it is stuff I actually dreamed up. But I'm always still missing those pieces and it's so annoying, and I don't mean to be greedy, but it's the same with everyone," she admitted.

"I'm like, 'OK, am I really going to wear that again?' So this [collaboration with Michael] is about trying to find that piece that is super wearable but you still feel cool in.

"I was trying to get all the basics. Michael nailed the bottoms. For tops, I was trying to think about what I wear besides a tank top. I love cuffed-up sleeves, tops that are long in front and short in back. And we did a jumpsuit and a dress to fill in the gaps."

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