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Stella McCartney: I stay fit for kids

Stella McCartney keeps fit by doing "dancey things".

The fashion designer knows the importance of staying in shape but admits she doesn't exercise as much as she should. She occasionally hits the gym with famed trainer Tracy Anderson, but says it's actually the thought of her four kids which spurs her on.

"I ride my bike, I work out, I do a bit of, er, dancey things," she laughed to the February edition of British magazine Vogue. "Last night I went for a run in the park. More than anything I want to be fit so I don't get out of breath when I play football with the kids."

Stella has two sons and two daughters with her husband Alasdhair Willis. Becoming a mother changed every aspect of her life and the 40-year-old has joked she'll probably start partying hard in ten years' time as she can't at the moment.

"Sometimes, someone will go, come on, let's have another tequila shot, and I'll have one, and then it'll be 11 o'clock, and I'll know I've got to get up for the kids, and I'm not even p**sed yet, and I'll think, why bother? Sometimes I wish I were less sensible... Maybe I'll start again when I'm 50," she mused.

The interview also included comments from some of Stella's friends. Model Laura Bailey praised the way the designer balances her career and homelife, while filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood believes people could learn from the fashion star.

"[She is] very, very boundaried," said Sam. "She won't answer her phone at bath and bedtime, that's very strictly imposed. Although she comes across as very sweet and endearing, she is actually very tough. You really wouldn't want to mess with her."

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