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Stella McCartney: Olympic men are hard to style

Stella McCartney struggles to know where to look when fitting male Olympic athletes.

The designer is the creative director of the Adidas Olympic Team GB range, meaning she's creating all the sportswear the men and women will wear when competing at the event in London later this year.

Stella is making pieces for runners, gymnasts and the outfits the athletes will wear when they aren't competing. It's a far cry from her usual work and has thrown up a new range of issues.

"I love the opportunity to stretch that side of design. I love that you can have the language between the two worlds of technology and fashion, because I don't think that many designers get to do that," she told the February edition of UK magazine Vogue.

"And you know what's quite funny? Doing the fittings for men. Quite out of my comfort zone. I'm like, 'Oooh, where do I look? What do I do now?'"

Stella's feminine and chic pieces are favoured by stars such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and she's pleased so many women like her pieces.

She aims to create collections which are pretty but most importantly wearable, and not just nice to look at.

"Well, I champion women. I think they are impressive. I think the journey of being a woman is interesting, too, and I'm on that journey with everyone else," the 40-year-old star added.

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