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Stephanie Pratt: I'm fit, honest!

TV personality Stephanie Pratt wants to prove she's healthy on Instagram but worries her workout and food pictures would annoy people.

Reality TV star Stephanie Pratt feels tempted to upload pictures of her workouts to Instagram to prove to online bullies that she exercises.

The 29-year-old star, who became famous on US show The Hills, has to put up with nasty trolls who criticise her looks on social networking sites. It often leaves her desperate to show the haters that she lives a healthy life.

"(I'm bullied) on Instagram for my legs," she opened up to Britain's new! magazine. "I keep deleting the comments. I've always had chicken legs. I'm very long and lean. My mom and sisters are too.

"It's unfortunate. It makes me want to upload pictures every time I eat and pictures of all the workouts I do, but I don't want to be that annoying person on Instagram. I know I'm healthy."

Stephanie really is a gym bunny, currently aiming for daily workouts. She hits her goal most days, as the building she lives in has a gym. It also helps that she's single, as it means there's fewer opportunities to gorge on unhealthy food.

"I'm not in a relationship, so I'm not going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner!" she exclaimed. "Normally I'd rather do that than work out."

The blonde star can tell she's lost weight since splitting from her last boyfriend, fellow reality star Josh Shepherd, earlier this year (15). She says personal issues always mean she slims down.

However, Stephanie wasn't so happy to answer questions about whether she's had surgery, declaring: "No comment."

"I'll probably want a facelift when I'm older," she conceded. "And if I have kids and my boobs sag, I'll probably want a lift."

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