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Stephen Moyer got fit for sex scenes

Stephen Moyer got in shape to look good in the buff.

The actor knew he had to shape up when he began filming True Blood because he would be getting his kit off a lot. Stephen, 42, plays handsome vampire Bill Compton on the hit HBO show and has a multitude of female admirers, but Stephen has joked he can't compete with his younger co-stars in the buff body stakes.

"When we started the show I knew that I'd better be fit - there were a lot of sex scenes. But I don't stand a chance compared to Ryan Kwanten, who plays Sookie's brother Jason. He outshines the older ones like myself and Sam Trammell," he told German publication "Our bodies are just in a different condition compared to the kids, we need to work hard on that! And I don't want to sit there with my kids in ten years time, when they are allowed to watch the show and listen to 'Who is the flabby guy? Oh, that's you, Dad!'"

Stephen added that his children aren't allowed to watch True Blood due to its adult content.

The British star has two children, son Billy and daughter Lilac, from previous relationships.

His True Blood co-star and real life wife Anna Paquin is currently expecting the couple's first offspring together, rumoured to be twins.

"No question, we are making television for grown-ups. My children haven't seen one episode and I make sure that they don't," he said. "Anyway, there must be a space for stuff like that on TV and the strict Christian movement that wants to prevent that - excuse me - shove it!"

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