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Steven Tyler: I like girls' clothes

Steven Tyler loves "flowing and nurturing" feminine fashion.

The musician is famed for his statement wardrobe choices, and regularly dons floor-skimming scarves, leopard print trousers, bold printed silk shirts and layered jewellery.

Steven likes to channel his femininity when he's dressing.

"I'm androgynous. I've just got more female energy. I like that flowing and nurturing and I'm a songwriter, so I'm into form and fashion and how it all goes together. Always have been, so it's just perfect," he told

Steven gets his inspiration from daughter Liv Tyler's designer-filled closet. The star spent time at her apartment while he was working on his autobiography.

"What happened was, I was living at Liv's apartment for a month working on the book two Decembers ago," he explained.

"I went through her closet and I found this crazy shirt. Loved it, put it on, wore it for a month. And then I found out the front was supposed to be the back, but who cares! It was Liv's shirt and it looks great."

Steven is renowned for his on-stage attire. He was recently signed as the face of his friend Andrew Charles's leisurewear line. Steven's style influenced the designer.

"The music forces me to move onstage and dance," he explained in discussing how his performing style preferences inspired Andrew Charles.

"What am I going to do? Stand there and dance in a T-shirt and jeans? I like this. I love long hair. It's just a thing. To me, they go together. It's not that it doesn't work. The Boss clearly does it himself his own way, but I like that fashion. And I think that needs to be brought back. A little bit of a little more passion in dress and fun."

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