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Streep's confidence

Meryl Streep was "tall and elegant" even when she was at school.

The 64-year-old star attended Bernards High School in New Jersey where her best friend was Susan Castrilli. The two are still close now and Susan has recalled always knowing her pal was destined for something great.

"She had a very strong presence - and not only on stage. Just walking down the hallways, she sort of glowed. She was tall, beautiful, elegant and smart and also pretty confident - a quality lacking in most teenage girls, especially during the last '60s, when everything appeared to be changing and life often seemed so confusing," Susan told British magazine Marie Claire.

Meryl has been nominated for 17 Academy Awards, taking home three of the accolades, as well as countless others. Although she was never big-headed or overly self assured when she was studying, the star also didn't seem as self conscious as other girls her age.

"I wouldn't say she thought of herself as perfect, but she did have that air of confidence in her abilities that made it easy for her to laugh at herself," Susan explained. "At the same time, she was very down to earth about who she was, who she surrounded herself with and what her goals in life were."

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