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Stylist ‘didn’t know Rihanna’

Celebrity stylist Lysa Cooper advised Rihanna to cut her hair shorter the first time she met her.

The celebrity fashion adviser has an impressive client list, including the Barbadian pop princess and megastar Beyoncé Knowles.

Whereas these are household names for most people, Lysa wasn’t so clued up when she first met Rihanna.

“I didn’t know who Rihanna was and everyone was going, ‘Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella,’ and I was like, ‘What the f**k? It’s not raining guys!’” she laughed to People’s StyleWatch.

“The first time I worked with her she had just cut off all her hair from there [points to waist] to here [points to shoulders] and I was like, ‘You should cut it all off,’ and then the next time I saw her we cut it more and more and more. That’s the first transformation.”

Lysa also styled Beyoncé’s recent cover for GQ magazine.

On the glossy front page, the singer shows off her fabulous post-pregnancy figure in a super-short crop top and red leopard-print underwear.

“I did a Beyoncé cover for GQ, it was super fun. She’s like the sweetest and cutest person on the planet – and beautiful,” the stylist gushed.

Lysa went on to reveal her personal style secrets, which include high heels and tracksuit bottoms.

She also looks to Hollywood stars for inspiration.

“[My style icon is] Helena Bonham Carter; that chick is amazing because she makes mistakes all the time and she doesn’t give a f**k. Therefore I think she has style,” Lysa said.

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