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Stylist: Kim Kardashian should don a muumuu

A celebrity stylist has advised pregnant Kim Kardashian to put on “70 pounds” and wear loose dresses.

The reality TV star is expecting her first baby with Kanye West and has continued to attend social engagements wearing high-fashion outfits.

Last week the 32-year-old experienced a pregnancy scare and celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson has now recommended the brunette should don loose dresses and embrace her pregnancy curves.

“I suggest that Kim do what I did: gain like 70 pounds and wear a muumuu,” she told the New York Post.

The curvaceous socialite has also kept up her intense fitness regime, apparently consulting two different personal trainers to stay in shape.

Last week’s pregnancy scare came after she landed back in Los Angeles following a front row appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

Mary Alice urges the star to think about her baby and take a step back from her busy lifestyle.

“[When I was pregnant] I just retreated to my kitchen and my TV room and didn’t go out and just took care of myself and my baby,” she recalled.

“It doesn’t really matter what she’s wearing, she’s a curvy woman and you gain weight when pregnant. Most actresses and supermodels are anorexic - most of them don’t gain enough weight to have a healthy pregnancy... People need to support pregnant women no matter who they are.”

Since being rushed to hospital with stomach pains, Kim has taken to Twitter to let her fans know she’s doing well.

“Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm doing fine! Just resting...have a good weekend. Love you guys! (sic),” she posted.

However, it seems her looks still maintain a priority as she later added: “I need a tan bad (sic).”

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