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Susan Sarandon: 'When did fashion become miserable?'

Susan Sarandon has stressed the importance of social media providing a means to promote positive self-esteem.

Susan Sarandon is bothered by how unhappy "gorgeous" women look when walking the runway.

The 69-year-old Hollywood star has aged gracefully and landed the role of a L'Oreal ambassador earlier this year (16). Susan still keeps up with the events in the beauty and fashion industry, but has noticed one big change which she doesn't understand.

"The thing that bothers me is when I see runway shows with these young women who are wearing fabulous clothes that are gorgeous and they look so unhappy. When did that start?" she mused to Refinery29. "In fashion shows, everyone has to look so p**sed off. I remember Todd Oldham shows used to be fun! I was somewhere where the models were standing around and everyone was going around them and I said, 'Why don't you let them have their cell phones, so at least they're doing something.' I don't know what's happened where that's an idea of beauty."

She doesn't believe this is the type of image that brands and designers should be selling, that if a woman is gorgeous and "too skinny" while wearing amazing clothes, that she's unhappy.

Susan has also made sure to keep in tune with how social media impacts people's perception of beauty and thinks it's a good tool to promote natural loveliness.

"I think that anything that gives people the opportunity to love who they are and to maintain their self-esteem (is important)," she explained. "It's very important to not have beauty defined so narrowly, because it cuts into people's self-image."

When it comes to her own looks, the brunette stunner has a relatively low-key skincare regime. There are a few rules she follows though, and she noted: "What I don't do is smoke cigarettes and I think if you're young and you're smoking in your 20s, in 20 years, your skin is going to show it. Or if you're drinking too heavily!"

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