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Tamara Ecclestone: I don't want to see body 'dimples'

Tamara Ecclestone says she doesn't want to see "every ounce of fat" in the mirror.

The socialite is currently renovating the beauty area in her house.

She has just created her brand new walk-in wardrobe, which has seating in it so friends can help her get ready.

However, she decided against having an impressively large mirror.

"I really don't want to see my bum from all angles - or every ounce of fat and dimple on my body," she told the British edition of Hello! "It would be too much of an ordeal."

Tamara is very excited about her new pampering section. The area will be equipped for all her beauty needs.

"I'm going to have a whole grooming section. People will come as and when I need them, like when I want my hair blow dried," she explained. "I'll also have a proper hairdresser's sink, where you have to lean backwards and a massage table."

With all her new treats the 27-year-old isn't expecting anything big for Christmas.

But, she does have a few things on her ultimate wish list.

"If money were no object, I'd want the Himalayan Birkin," she sighed. "They're impossible to get. The only person I know who has one is Victoria Beckham. I've never actually see on in the flesh. It's like the ultimate Birkin collector's item."

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