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Tara Reid: I have body confidence

Tara Reid feels "more comfortable" with her body in her thirties.

The 36-year-old actress admits she used to be insecure as a young star in Hollywood. The American Pie star had a botched breast enlargement and liposuction in 2006 that did nothing to boost her confidence. She said she would "never be perfect again" at the time.

Tara is happier in her skin after having corrective surgery.

"I feel so much more comfortable with myself than when I was in my early twenties," she told British magazine Closer. "I was 23 when the first American Pie came out and, like most people at that age, I was so hard on myself."

Tara sparked concerns in 2009 when pictures surfaced showing her alarmingly thin frame. Today, the blonde star feels much healthier, and maintains a sensible approach to diet and fitness.

"In terms of staying in shape, I do work out, but I'm not a crazy person about it," she said.

"I like to take hikes with my dog and eat everything in moderation. I'm not obsessive about health or fitness. I'm so happy and comfortable with myself now.

"I love getting older because I feel life gets so much better. I'm in a great place, and I wouldn't change a thing. Life is a beautiful journey."


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