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Taraji: Hair jibes got my goat!

Taraji P. Henson's father once criticised her hair in front of a bus full of people.

The 44-year-old actress is setting the small screen alight with her Empire character Cookie Lyon, who is fiery and renowned for her one-liners. Taraji comes up with some of those herself and has explained who the unlikely inspiration for the character is.

“A lot of people think those came from a woman I know, but actually Cookie is based on my dad,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “You either loved him or you hated him because he was always speaking truth.

"The one line I said in the show about someone's hair smelling like goat ass was his. Once I didn't wash my hair for two weeks because it kept the curl better when it was dirty. We were on a public bus and he grabbed my head and asked, 'Why does your head smell like goat ass?' in front of everybody, I learned the lesson. I washed my hair. Thanks, Dad. See, everything happens in life for a reason."

Taraji also opened up about her body image, surprisingly revealing that her job has actually made her accept her figure. While many women couldn't think of much worse than having to get naked in front of a group of people on set, the star chose to use it as a way to move on from any body hang-ups.

"My first time being nude was my first movie, Baby Boy. I knew the scene was coming. I remember thinking, 'Taraji cannot be in that room,'" she recalled. "So I literally went home and stripped down naked, stood in front of the mirror and looked at every morsel of my body, and I dealt with it. The next day, I was so free. I was so ready."

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