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Taraji P. Henson's svelte figure is a product of high intensity

Taraji P. Henson is serious about her squats.

Taraji P. Henson's personal trainer Mike T. keeps his client in shape through high intensity interval training (HITT).

The 45-year-old actress, who famously portrays Cookie Lyon on hit TV show Empire, is incredibly fit and exercise expert Mike T. reveals exactly how she attains her enviable frame.

“The most difficult training I do with Taraji is something I call dynamic training," he told "We do high intensity interval training (HITT) for an hour and a half, plus 20 minutes of core on top of the hour and a half (hour) of cardio she does at home. The HITT workout moves range from box jumps to jump squats and jogging intervals."

Although some people are not keen on working out in the slightest, Mike T. claims Taraji has a lot of enthusiasm about exercising, especially when performing reps to shape certain parts of her body.

“Taraji loves working her glutes as well as her core," he noted. "She also likes to be active and as intense as possible when we're doing our thing in the gym."

Mike T. incorporates weights into a fitness session to augment the toning process. He believes barbells, including dead lifts, are "a great booty and hamstring shaper" if the client isn't "afraid to lift heavy".

“Squats with weights — that's how you build the booty,” he explained. “Combine squats with kickbacks or fire hydrants to give your booty a good shape.

“When doing kickbacks, Taraji likes to add ankle weights. That makes a huge difference in her progress."

Mike T. emphasised the need for good form, especially when the knees are doing so much work.

“Go deep with your squats, but maintain good form," he stressed. "Try doing them near as many mirrors as possible to make sure you look good from every angle."

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