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Taryn Manning’s hair hell

Taryn Manning can sympathize with balding men due to her damaged tresses.

The Orange Is the New Black [OITNB] star plays Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett in the popular Netflix series, wearing long, lank extensions to depict the former drug addict.

Being an actress means Taryn has had countless makeovers, which have taken their toll on her locks.

"I don't know if this would be something to share, but I've suffered a lot of hair damage from this business. I had these corn rows a couple of years ago. They were amazing and they looked great. It was a good transformation, but when I took them out my hair was gone. All the follicles were damaged. So much damage — like, forever," she explained to Refinery 29.

"The reason I talk about that is because the hair has been a journey. Even just in my everyday life. In movies they can do this and that. But, I feel, personally, the best when my hair looks great. It really is hard. I know not for men — unless they start to bald. But, I get it now. I get the pain of feeling that your hair is falling out. It's truly an emotional thing. So, I feel most pretty when I have some hair and the colour is pretty. That's really it for me. The rest is sort of like a cherry on top."

The actress is naturally pretty and loves to don cute dress for the red carpet.

However for prison series OITNB, 34-year-old Taryn was given a complete make-under, complete with an unflattering tooth grill.

"Oh my god. When they hired me and I was still a blonde. I change my hair colour a lot. And, I just so happened to have been watching a Lockup of some sort... So, I showed up to set with my idea of what it would look like, and I put in long, dull, colour extensions," she recalled.

"I already thought I had taken it to the limit, right? Then I go to make-up. They don't put any make-up on me — not even concealer to cover a zit — and then they add, you know, red spots, some stuff around the nose, and then the teeth. I was just like, 'Oh my ugly. Oh my god.' But when they put the teeth on and did all that, I really felt like I had gotten into costume, and that's always been, for me, when I do my best work."

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