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Taylor Swift: 80s style still works

Taylor Swift likes the "freedom" there was in 80s fashion.

The 24-year-old singer's latest record is called 1989 and is heavily influenced by the pop sounds from that decade. It's not just the music which has inspired her, Taylor has also grown to love the brash styles many rocked back then.

"Yes I am," she told British magazine Hello! when asked if she's a fan of 80s fashion. "I think there was a freedom to the clothes then and I see how that era has inspired modern fashion trends. So I'm wearing shorter skirts and things I would never have wore three years ago."

Taylor loves clothes and looking a certain way is a big part of her stage show. She likes to have an input into everything she wears, especially as there are some things she's not that comfortable in during performances. Many of the blonde star's contemporaries choose to flash their bodies during shows, but Taylor isn't comfortable unless she's covered up when people are looking at her.

"In general - yes [I oversee everything]," she said. "I think everybody has their own limits for what feels comfortable to wear in front of millions of people and for me that's being more reserved, because I feel more comfortable in certain things that others. It is not to say that I think other pop artists don't look great in what they wear in their magazine shoots. I would never say to any other artist, 'You need to put on more clothes,' because I would never want them to look at me and say, 'She need to take her clothes off, she needs to wear less clothes.'"

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