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Taylor Swift entertains beauty team

Taylor Swift loves "entertaining the crew" when she's sitting in the make-up chair.

The country musician's signature feminine look is created by make-up artist Lorrie Turk.

The beauty pro says Taylor loves to amuse those around her, even when she's preparing for a red carpet event.

"Whenever I'm doing her make-up, Taylor always seems to be the one entertaining the crew. Whether she's cracking jokes or just having a regular conversation with me she is by far one of the funniest people I have ever known!" she told InStyle.

"Taylor always comes prepared with a playlist, so when she's in the make-up chair, we're all listening to the music she's loving at the time."

Lorrie puts careful consideration into Taylor's beauty look before an event. She liaises with the stunning star's styling team to create the most appropriate look.

"A few days before a big event, I'll ask Taylor's stylist Joseph Cassell for a photo of the dress she plans to wear," she explained. "Along with that, I consider the particular award show or event she is attending and try to get an idea of whether the atmosphere is more casual or more formal that year."

Taylor's hairstylist Jemma Muradian is also involved in creating her gorgeous red carpet looks. Both Jemma and Lorrie will consider the overall look of the hair and make-up before deciding on the final style.

Lorrie says Taylor has to be comfortable with which direction they go in.

"Jemma and I will look at the picture of her dress and discuss the direction we'd like to take with the hair and make-up," Lorrie said. "She and I both have our own ideas, but we like to hear each other's opinions to really bring the look together. We then take our ideas to Taylor, and the ultimate decision is hers."

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