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Taylor Swift: Grow old gracefully

Taylor Swift wants to set a good example to her fans when it comes to ageing.

The star may only be 24, but she's already thinking about what it'll be like to grow old. For Taylor, the most important thing is that she sets a good example to all the people who look up to her.

"I just think how I dress and how I present myself and how I articulate how I am feeling. I'm a young woman with certain responsibilities. I have fans that are important to me. I'm older and I want to age gracefully and that includes now and that also includes when I am in my 40s," she said to the British edition of Hello! magazine.

That means the singer understands that looking good isn't just about diet. Exercise is also vitally important and even though she doesn't necessarily enjoy it, Taylor always finds time for the gym.

"I work out. I do spin classes, which are hard, and I don't like doing them but I like how I feel afterwards. The reason I work out is because I want to have endurance and I want to be able to hop on stage and sing a song and dance and not be winded," she said.

Life isn't all about pounding the treadmill though. Taylor enjoys fashion too, which means one of the best bits of travelling the world for her job is finding fun style pieces to liven up her wardrobe.

"I enjoy shopping of course - I am female! And I've enjoyed furnishing my new place and working through the rooms to give each an individual feel," she said.

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