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Taylor Swift: I dress like a chocolate wrapper

Taylor Swift thinks her love for wearing pastel colours makes her look like an Easter egg.

The pop star shared what she likes to dress in as the weather warms up.

Taylor joked that her fondness for lilacs and salmon pink shades means she often resembles a chocolate treat when the springtime comes.

"I like to wear in the spring, and I'll admit I'm obnoxious about this, I like to dress like an Easter egg," Taylor laughed in an interview for Keds. "I get really excited about seasons changing. I'm self aware about it but I'm excited about it. I like pastels and bows. I like to incorporate the summer wardrobe along with some things for spring into the overall look."

The 23-year-old discussed her unique take on fashion for a special YouTube series that ties in with her work as the face of Keds sneaker brand.

The country singer shared how her look has evolved over time.

"I always seem to have a style inspiration and I end up evolving my entire wardrobe around that," she explained.

"I'll have these style epiphanies. When I was 15, I realised that I loved the idea of a... sundress and cowboy boots and that's all I wore for, like, two years. I'd say my style is feminine, experimental and classic."

Taylor believes what you wear can directly affect how you feel. If you're comfortable in your outfit your confidence will be boosted.

"I think being self confident has a lot to do with what you are wearing and how you carry yourself. A great deal to do with confidence is acting confident then you might actually end up being confident by the end of the day," Taylor continued before giving her advice on how to nail down an individual look. "Try everything because you might not like it today but you might want to wear it tomorrow. If you find a look you keep going back to it then it might just be your personal style."

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