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Taylor Swift: I love my curls

Taylor Swift takes a "seasonal" approach to hairstyling.

The 21-year-old musician is known for her luscious curls. Taylor enjoys swapping her pretty ringlets for a more linear hairdo when months get colder.

"[Hair is] a very seasonal thing for me - I always feel the need to straighten my hair when it's winter," Taylor told People magazine.

"In the winter months I'm like, 'Oh, what am I going to do today? I think I'll straighten my hair today.' "

Bad hair days are not uncommon for Taylor. When the songstress is not particularly happy with the way her tresses look, she'd rather hide under accessories.

"[I like] putting on a beanie [when I'm unhappy with my hair]. Or a side braid," Taylor explained.

Most of the time Taylor prefers to step out with well-defined waves. Fortunately the curling process does not take too much effort, and she steers clear of products.

"A 3/4-in. curling iron and bobby pins [is essential for my hairstyle]," she said when asked how she styles her beautiful locks.

"I don't really put anything on it because if you have curly and you put too much product on it, it can get crunchy, which nobody likes."

Taylor's new perfume Wonderstruck was released in the US last week.

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